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What Is Biocellular Medicine?

Posted in Biocellular Medicine | 2 minute read

November 18th, 2016

The term “biocellular” refers to the combination of important biological chemicals (such as growth factors, signal proteins, and chemicals important to wound healing) with undesignated cells (often referred to as adult stem / stromal cells) found widely spread within the body and which participate in tissue maintenance, repair,and regeneration. Science and medicine have recently entered a translational phase, where proved laboratory science has demonstrated important contributions join the clinical application of the science in human applications in the past decade. There has been controversy concerning the use of the term, stem cells, in current practice of medicine. Unfortunately, these arguments typically occur with the use of stem cell interpreted as uses of pure embryonic or fetal stem cells, implying destruction of embryo or fetal tissues.In the past decade, the recognition of the safety and efficacy of using a person’s own (autologous) adult stem / stromal cells has advanced to the point that it is widely documented and published.

In this week’s newsletter, we would like to share a latest paper published by our Master Class Faculty Dr. Robert Alexander on the topic of Use of Adipose – Derived Stem / Stromal Cells and Its Native Bioactive Matrix which was just published in Biocellular Regenerative Medicine in 2016.

The key points covered in this paper are:

  • Autologous Stem / Stromal Cells and Platelet Concentrates Guided to Targets.
  • Combination of Cells & PRP concentrates work better than either alone.
  • Biocellular Combination Is Believed To Facilitate Patient’s Own Wound Healing / Regeneration.
  • How did Biologic and Cellular Therapeutic Concepts evolve?
  • What is the future in Stem / Stromal Cellular and Biocellular Treatments?
  • A Recent Advance in use of Biocellular uses: Nanofat (Emulsified Adipose-Derived – tissue stromal vascular fraction)

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