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Stevensville, Montana

Voted one of the TOP 10 innovators in the field of STEM CELL INNOVATION and the stem cell field by the international membership of the Academy of Regenerative Practices at their recent conference and scientific sessions! Dr. Robert W. Alexander, MD, DMD, FICS is an internationally recognized aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon, author, teacher, pioneer in use of stem/stromal cells in clinical practice, and a recognized leader in the field of BIOCELLULAR REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. Contributions in use of adipose-derived stem/stromal cells combined with high-density platelet concentrates in the areas of aesthetic surgery, open flap surgery, chronic wound therapy, and orthopaedic medicine/surgical fields is considered novel and important contributions. Dr. Alexander graduated Magna Cum Laude with full honors from University of Florida (Gainesville) School of Medicine and St. Louis University School of Medicine and Dentistry. His early experiences in basic applied research was supported by NIH pre and post-doctoral research grants have led to multiple advances in surgery and medicine. He was inducted into International College of Surgeons. Publication of many articles in peer-reviewed medical literature, contributions to multiple textbooks, and as a featured speaker in national and international venues on the subjects of plastic surgery and regenerative medicine applications, particularly those in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic applications (for the past decade) are well recognized. He is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions in the areas of his primary specialty, as well as in the evolving uses of stem/stromal cells. Academic affiliation with the University of WA (Seattle), practicing/teaching advances in Biocellular Regenerative in plastic surgery & orthopaedic regenerative medicine.

Read Dr. Alexander's full Curriculum Vitae by clicking here.

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