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About San Diego Arts

Our Mission

The mission of SDARTs is to create and foster an environment where global regenerative innovators come together to share the latest advances and technology in regenerative therapies. We accomplish this through educational events, including our annual conference, regional workshops, and online learning library.

San diego academy of regenerative therapies is your online resource

The San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapie

Who We Are

The San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies was created as both an online resource and a live global conference where the latest research on regenerative therapies are explored and the most current scientific information is exchanged. This includes physicians, academicians and industry providers all working in tandem to advance research in regenerative medicine and its multiple applications.

The first global meeting was held in 2017 at the US Grant Hotel in Downtown San Diego. In 2019, the conference was moved to the Center for the Future of Surgery at UC San Diego to accommodate a larger audience and to provide a state of the art environment for cadaver labs and workshops. This live conference featured world renowned pioneers in regenerative applications for aesthetic medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery and functional medicine.

Since its inception SDART’s has provided thousands of physicians from multiple specialties with a unique learning experience and a platform to share their discoveries and experiences.

Online library

Visit The Sdarts Learning Library Designed For Physicians, Academicians, Researchers And Scientists, Interested In Regenerative Medicine. Here You Will See Presentations, Master Classes And So Much More Taught By The Most Successful Clinicians In Their Fields And Pioneers In Regenerative Applications.

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Visit The Sdart’s Learning Library

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The SDART’s learning library


Video presentations are taught by highly qualified physicians, academicians, and researchers from all aspects of medicine and scientific research worldwide. Whether you are a plastic or cosmetic surgeon interested in aesthetic applications or an orthopedic surgeon acquiring information on the newest research in regenerative medicine and therapies, you will find the quality and diversity of these scientific programs to be unparalleled.

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We Invite You To Explore Our Online Library Featuring Experts From Around The World

Master Classes * Conference Presentations * Scientific Research Papers

SDARTs 2018 | Evolution of Adipose Transfer from Microfat to Nanofat
SDARTs 2018 | Nanofat for Wound Healing & Scar Revision AV
SDARTs 2017 | Cadaver Workshop & Surgical Demo | Injection Techniques, Microfat, SNIF, Nanofat
SDARTs 2017 | Cadaver Workshop & Surgical Demo | Injection Techniques, Microfat, SNIF, Nanofat
SDARTs 2018 | Nanofat for Wound Healing & Scar Revision AV
SDARTs 2018 | Evolution of Adipose Transfer from Microfat to Nanofat

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