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Autologous nanofat transplantation accelerates foot wound healing in diabetic rats

Posted in Autologous Nanofat Transplantation

In February 2019, Li Chen et al. published their study “Autologous nanofat transplantation accelerates foot wound healing in diabetic rats” Their study “explored the effects of local transplantation of autologous nanofat.” Their study found that the rats’ nanofat-treated feet had significantly smaller wound areas 7 and 9 days after grafting. They also concluded that “research […]

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Use of platelet-rich plasma and modified nanofat grafting in infected ulcers

Posted in PRP

This study was published by Francesco Segreto et. al in the Archives of Plastic Surgery. ” The aim of this study was to describe the authors’ technique for improving the regenerative and antimicrobial potential of a combination of modified nanofat and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in nonhealing infected wounds.” Click below to access the full study. […]

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Nanofat applications: from clinical esthetics to regenerative research: Potential applications…

Posted in Nanofat Grafting

Nanofat grafting is a relatively new technique that has gained popularity in esthetic surgery in recent years. Since its discovery, it has emerged as an effective treatment to improve scar quality and attenuate wrinkles. Nanofat is produced through the mechanical shuffling and filtration of microfat, which is harvested by liposuction. It is easily injectable, rich […]

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Concentrated nanofat: a modified fat extraction promotes hair growth in mice via the stem cells…

Posted in Nanofat Hair Growth

Background: Fat graft transplantation seems a promising cell therapy for hair loss. However, impurities in lipoaspirate weaken the treatment effect. Here, we developed the lipoaspirate extraction method then investigate the effect and mechanism on hair growth-promoting in a mouse model.   Methods: Fat graft was prepared into concentrated nanofat (CNF), decellularized CNF (DCNF), and adipose-derived […]

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