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Elisa Berdondini, MD

Elisa Berdondini, MD

Torino, Italy

I am Elisa Berdondini born in Ravenna in 1970.

I studied medicine and surgery and specialized in urology at the University of Florence.

The five years of specialization were intense, educational and very constructive, I realized that I was studying and learning to do what I had always wanted, surgery.

The operating room is my second home and when I operate I feel like I’m in the right place to do what I want and what I’m passionate about.

As soon as I specialized, in 2005, I started working at the Reconstructive Surgery Center of the urethra and genitals of Arezzo where I learned many surgical techniques and was able to see national and international colleagues at work, with reference to urethral and male genital pathology .

In 2015 I moved to Turin, because I love big cities and I started my business as a consultant in reconstructive surgery of the urethra and genitals at various healthcare companies and I was part of urological groups, where I was able to compare notes with various colleagues.

In the first years in Turin I attended psychology and medical hypnosis courses to get to know myself better and to support patients also on the psychological front.

In 2017, after visiting some women suffering from urethral stricture, I decided to also dedicate myself to the reconstruction of the urethra and female genitalia.

To my great surprise, I found that urethral and female genital pathologies are very frequent and disabling. Long stories of suffering without solution with heavy consequences on mood and personal and relationship life.

I transferred and adapted all the surgical techniques, learned for male pathologies, to female anatomy, looking for increasingly less invasive solutions.

To date I have the highest Italian case record for female urethral pathology and I am very proud of it because I see my patients regaining possession of their lives.

Each clinical and surgical case is unique and every time I use all my experience to get the best results.

The continuous search for minimally invasive solutions has led me to collaborate with colleagues from other surgical specialties to learn different techniques and I have been fascinated by regenerative surgery with the use of adipose tissue.

In 2019 I started using adipose tissue which allows tissue to be regenerated and which is giving me a lot of satisfaction. Finally I can give an answer to many urogenital pathologies for which there are currently no effective therapies.

The results have been very promising and I have shared this experience with fellow colleagues.

Since June 2022 I have decided to carry out my surgical activity and at the same time to teach this niche surgery at various locations in Italy.

The urethral surgery course and the urogenital regenerative surgery course are taught in English because they are also aimed at many international colleagues.

In every site where I go to operate, I have a team of fellow colleagues with whom I share
surgical choices, scientific research and results.

Every day I am happy to go to work, immerse myself in my operating room and work alongside great colleagues and friends.

Getting here today hasn’t been easy, but the many years of study and research are giving me full satisfaction and the possibility of treating patients who couldn’t find a solution to their suffering, with excellent results that go beyond my best expectations.

I currently work in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna,

I like moving around and getting to know new realities because it gives me the opportunity to see different surgical techniques in a continuous professional comparison.

I participate in many national and international congresses as a referent of reconstructive surgery of the urethra and genitals, I still love studying and divulging what my experience has allowed me to learn and in any case, always, my true passion is the operating room.

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