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Glenn C. Terry, MD

Glenn C. Terry, MD

Roatàn, Honduras

Glenn C. Terry, M.D., is a U.S. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and the founder of the GARM Clinic on the Island of Roatán, who brings global recognition from other Orthopedic Surgeons, elite athletes, and patients from all walks of life. Dr. Terry is recognized as one of the pioneers in the orthopedic field of Sports Medicine and is highly respected for his contributions to understanding the examination, the function and innovative surgical repairs of the anatomy of the knee and of the shoulder. Glenn C. Terry, M.D., has participated in, owned, and partnered in multiple medical facilities, all of which have strong reputations for excellence.

Dr. Terry’s contributions to the advancement of Sports Medicine and clinical research are fueled by a passion for thorough patient evaluation and proper diagnosis. Treatment protocols are thus designed around individual clinical findings in an effort to improve outcomes for all patients. It is because of this philosophy that Dr. Terry has been able to provide thousands of patients with the best possible chances for positive outcomes.

Fueled by a passion for a deep understanding of the functional anatomy and its repair combined with his dedication to academic research, Glenn C. Terry, M.D. has had a significant academic impact in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine including publications in some of the most respected medical journals. In addition, Dr. Terry’s participation in multiple international associations has resulted in a global reputation as a respected Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine expert.

For almost 30 years of his surgical career, Dr. Terry was one of the elite surgeons at The Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia. In the 1980’s, Dr. Terry joined The Hughston Clinic after having completed a Sports Medicine fellowship with Dr. Jack Hughston, widely recognized as one of the fathers of Sports Medicine. Dr. Terry was one of the members of the Sports Medicine program at The Hughston Clinic as well as a founding member of The Hughston Foundation, which offered educational opportunities in various levels of Sports Medicine including Sports Medicine Fellowships for Orthopedic Surgeons. In addition, Glenn C. Terry, M.D., is one of the founding fathers of Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital, established in 2008.

Below is a short list of a select few of Dr. Terry’s contributions to Sports Medicine and athlete care:

Head Physician, U.S. Olympic Committee, Olympic Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 1992

U.S. Olympic Committee Drug Control, Crew Chief Certification, Colorado Springs, CO, 1992

U.S. Olympic Committee National Athletic Trainers Association Task Force Meeting, “Adopt a USOC Athlete”, 1992

U.S. Olympic Committee Team Physician, U.S. Olympic Team, Barcelona, Spain, 1992

USOC Head Physician, Athlete Care, World University Games, Buffalo, NY, 1993

ACOG Committee for Medical Care, Atlanta Olympics, Head of Athlete Care Manual for all Venues, Atlanta Olympic Games, 1992-1996

Head Physician, Athlete Care, Atlanta Olympic Trials, Track and Field Venue, Atlanta, GA, June 1996

Head Physician, Athlete Care, Olympic Stadium, Atlanta, GA, August, 1996

SEATA-Southeastern Athletic Training Association, Sports Physician of the Year, Atlanta, GA, 1999

Because of his passion for excellence, Dr. Terry decided to funnel his accumulated knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for continued meaningful contributions into creating highly advanced, less invasive methods of treatment through the proprietary treatment protocols available at the GARM Clinic in Roatán. Dr. Terry’s vision has attracted leading physicians and surgeons across multiple disciplines who share in his philosophy.

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