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Peter Everts, PhD, FRSM

Peter Everts, PhD, FRSM

Ft. Myers, Florida

Chief Scientific Officer, EmCyte Corp., Fort Myers FL.

Program Director, Gulf Coast Biologics, Fort Myers FL.

Fellow, of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK.

Professor, Max Planck University, OrthoRegen, Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo Brazil.

Innovative, experienced researcher, and clinical practitioner in the field of regenerative-orthobiological medicine applications, with extensive teaching and educational program development experience.

He started his career in regenerative technologies in 1989 in the Netherlands. Created the first in-hospital autologous biological therapy department to serve patients in cardiac, orthopedic, reconstructive-cosmetic surgical, and vascular-wound care procedures.

His PhD program ended in 2007 when he received his PhD in Medicine, awarded by the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

In 2011, he initiated the concept of advanced biological wound care combined with hyperbaric medicine, using platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal stem cell therapies in patients with diverse chronic non-healing and radiation wounds.

Analytical strategist skilled in successfully navigating evidence based clinical protocols and application technologies through the concept, development, and implementation phases of new regenerative healthcare medicine initiatives.

His focus is on building and promoting cellular therapy programs across educational, and global healthcare organizations to drive positive transformation of regenerative medicine concepts, to optimize patient outcomes.

He is an experienced educator and lecturer for physicians and health care providers in autologous biologics.

In 2017 he moved to the US to for the next phase in his career, as he is acting Chief Scientific Officer of EmCyte Corp., and Program director of Gulf Coast Biologics Research & Educational Center.

Recently he is appointed as International Professor at the Frontiers Health Program of the Faculty of Medicine of the Max Planck University Center, in Indaiatuba – Sao Paulo Brasil. Here, his responsibilities include teaching of post graduate courses and serves as advisor of clinical projects in non-interventional regenerative medicine therapies in patients with spinal cord trauma.

Professor Everts is an internationally recognized educator, scientist, and contributor in many regenerative medicine applications, featuring blood-derived products

He has published over 80 peer reviewed articles and book chapters, including the first textbook on Platelet-Rich Plasma.

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