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Strategic Marketing for Regenerative Therapies

Strategic Marketing for Regenerative Therapies – Interactive Didactic Course


Presented By:

Dana Fox

Director of Client Strategies, Plastic Surgery Studios

Chief Marketing Officer, Tulip Medical Products

Marie Olesen

CEO, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery

Founder, Real Patient Ratings

Dana and Marie are renowned thought leaders and practice management consultants in the US and abroad. With their combined experience spanning over three decades and more than 2,000 practices, they specialize in practice marketing, sales management, and patient satisfaction marketing. They teach medical practices to rely on data to focus their efforts and optimize their investments.

Regenerative Therapies have changed the landscape of surgery. Across many specialties, patients are educated about regenerative therapies and are opting out of surgical procedures in favor of the more natural regenerative options.

In this course, you will learn how to incorporate the regenerative powers of nanofat and microfat into your practice, whether in aesthetic therapies or sports medicine and orthopedics, and deliver high patient satisfaction and increased practice revenue.

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marketing workshop

August 8, 2024

9:30AM to 11:30AM 

During the course, you will learn about:

Getting In the Game

  • Evaluating microfat and nanofat as a new profit center
  • How to take an in-depth look at why consumers are driving changes in the market
  • How to develop a winning strategy internally
  • How to create a marketing plan and monitor its results
  • How to find and convert hidden revenue into increased profitability

Ready to Make Changes?

  • Do you know as much about regenerative therapies as your patients do?
  • How offering regenerative therapies sets your practice apart
  • How wide-awake, scalpel-free regenerative procedures keep you in the game

What’s needed for marketing.

  • How to educate your staff about regenerative therapies
  • How to talk to your patients about regenerative therapies
  • How to gain reviews and increase word of mouth

Event Cost

This event is free to attend with a didactic or cadaver lab registration.

Registration is open to physicians of all specialties and their patient-facing staff.

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