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Understanding NanoFat Versus Enzymatic Isolation Of tSVF Cells From Adipose Tissue

Posted in AD-cSVF, AD-tSVF, AD-MSC, Basic Science & Research, PRP & Adipose, Regenerative Potential & Mechanisms of Nanofat, Techniques & Methods for Fat Harvesting, Processing & Grafting | 1 minute read

March 9th, 2017

Read Dr. Robert Alexander’s latest peer review on Understanding Nanofat Versus Enzymatic Isolation of tSVF Cells from Adipose Tissue and understand how Nanofat injections can greatly help your patients in anti-aging, hair regeneration, radiation/sun damage skin, chronic wounds and abnormal scarring. This article covers:

  • The difference between the term “tSVF” and “cSVF”
  • Producing cellular isolates without use of digestive enzymes under regulatory environment in the United States
  • Adding PRP to emulsified AD-tSVF to incorporate concentrates of platelets and promote better site healing

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