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Use of Adipose-Derived Stem/Stromal Cells and It’s Native Bioactive Matrix

Posted in AD-cSVF, AD-tSVF, AD-MSC, Adipose Tissue Complex, Basic Science & Research, PRP & Adipose | 1 minute read

SDARTs Faculty Member Dr. Robert Alexander published this study in 2016 exploring the use of adipose-derived stem/stromal cells and it’s native bioactive matrix in the field of biocellular regenerative medicine.


  • Autologous Stem / Stromal Cells and Platelet Concentrates Guided to Targets.
  • Combination of Cells & PRP concentrates work better than either alone.
  • Biocellular Combination Is Believed To Facilitate Patient’s Own Wound Healing / Regeneration.
  • How did Biologic and Cellular Therapeutic Concepts evolve?
  • What is the future in Stem / Stromal Cellular and Biocellular Treatments?
  • A Recent Advance in use of Biocellular uses: Nanofat (Emulsified Adipose-Derived – tissue stromal vascular fraction)

Click below to access the full study. 

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